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    • Fecha de publicación: 8/10/15
    • Fecha de revisión: 9/28/15
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    • Presentador: James McWilliam, MD
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Cartiform® Talar Implant

James McWilliam, MD, (White Plains, NY) demonstrates the repair of a medial talar dome osteochondral lesion using Cartiform® Viable Osteochondral Allograft. Cartiform contains key components for articular cartilage repair, such as a structural extracellular matrix, viable chondrocytes, and chondrogenic proteins. The unique design of the product has excellent handling properties and flexibility to allow for the Cartiform to conform to the surface area of the defect site.

*Cartiform is a viable osteochondral allograft used for articular cartilage repair.

*Cartiform is a registered trademark of Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.