Percutaneous and Knotless Glenoid Labral Fixation Using the 2.9 mm PushLock® Percutaneous Insertion Kit

Matthew Provencher, MD, (Boston, MA) uses the 2.9 mm PushLock® Percutaneous Insertion Kit to place PushLocks and LabralTape™ all around the glenoid through a small metal cannula with a 4.7 mm inner diameter and only a 5.4 mm outer diameter. He demonstrates the following anchor positions:

  • Portal of Wilmington for posterior SLAP repair
  • 7:00 portal for posterior instability
  • 5:00 portal for placement of a low Bankart anchor

All instruments required to facilitate the percutaneous PushLock insertion are included in the convenient and sterile kit.

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Matthew T. Provencher, MD

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