Univers™ Apex - Cadaveric Demonstration

The Univers™ Apex represents the evolution of Arthrex total shoulder Arthroplasty systems. While maintaining all of the in situ variable adjustment capabilities of the Univers™ II (inclination, version, head offset), the Apex introduces advanced features important in the treatment of all total shoulder patients. The reduced diaphyseal stem length, rectangular stem body and removable trunion optimize stem removal and therefore revisability. In addition, strategically incorporated suture holes allow for unique subscapularis repair options. For the sake of simplicity, the system is compatible with Univers pegged and keeled glenoids, as well as with the Univers™ II humeral head options. With the Arthrex focus on intraoperative adaptability, the Apex restores normal patient glenohumeral anatomy in a stable, press-fit solution, while allowing for simple stem revision and minimizing bone loss.

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