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    • 26 fibertak rc soft anchors 0 small
      • 2.6 FiberTak RC anchors are specifically designed for surgeons who prefer an all-suture anchor for the medial row of a double-row, bridging rotator cuff repair. They are combined with knotless SwiveLock® C anchors for the lateral row. The unique 2.6 FiberTak RC anchor has a 1.7 FiberTape® suture fixed to the sheath so that it cannot slide, …
    • Fibertak speedbridge rotator cuff repair 0 small
      • As the next evolution of knotless rotator cuff repair, the FiberTak SpeedBridge™ technique is completed with 2.6 FiberTak RC soft anchors on the medial row and FiberTape® sutures fixated laterally with trusted SwiveLock® anchors. This knotless repair creates a quick, secure construct in as few as three suture-passing steps. The small size …