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Cartiform® Viable Osteochondral Allograft: A Review of Outcomes in the Knee

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    • Ref. #: VPT1-00922-EN
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    • Dauer: 00:05:45
    • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 9/27/18
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    • Präsentator: R. Jay Bradley, MD
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R. Jay Bradley, MD, (New Bern, NC) presents early outcomes of Cartiform®* viable osteochondral allograft from his first 20-patient case series. Dr. Bradley has incorporated Cartiform viable osteochondral allograft into his surgical treatment algorithm due to the ease of use to implant, on-demand availability of the allograft, and good to excellent outcomes in his patients.

*Cartiform is a registered trademark of Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.