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Arthrex, Inc.
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    • Cortical button fixation 0 small
      • Cortical button fixation is a simple, reproducible, and biomechanically strong method that allows surgeons to reliably seat the tendon against the cortex of the bone socket, maximizing the surface area for tendon-to-bone healing.1 For tendon or ligament transfers, the Tenodesis Graft Sizing Kit can be used to determine which implant system to …
    • Fdl implant system 0 small
      • The FDL Implant System is used for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Arthrex has developed the Tenodesis Tension-Slide Technique for FDL tendon transfer. The flexor digitorum longus tendon is traced to the master knot of Henry and harvested. It is then transferred to the navicular and stabilized with the DX button on the dorsal cortex as well …
    • Fdl tendon transfer 0 small
      • Die Sehne des M. flexor digitorum longus wird in den inferomedialen Quadranten des Os naviculare verlagert und mit einer Tenodesis-Schraube fixiert.
    • Foot and ankle tenodesis 0 small
      • The Tenodesis Screw System eliminates transosseous tunnels in tendon repairs and ligament reconstructions. Tenodesis screws may be used in conjunction with #2 or 2-0 FiberWire® or FiberLoop® sutures to facilitate intraoperative tissue tensioning and fixation in a predrilled socket. The predrilled socket minimizes incision length, …