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  • Trip of a Lifetime: Manuel Prieto’s Paradise Vacation

    We're highlighting Years of Service trip experiences for employees who are celebrating five years or more with the company, like Manufacturing Engineer Technician Manuel Prieto and his family's visit to the Dominican Republic, courtesy of Arthrex and its generous benefits. [image tag(alt=ManuelPrieto,id=1079,type=png,width=250,class=pull-right, …

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  • Trip of a Lifetime: Phil Grzybowski's Trip to Bali

    PhilGrzybowski We're highlighting Years of Service trip experiences, like Manufacturing Engineer Supervisor Phil Grzybowski’s recent visit to Thailand and Indonesia, courtesy of Arthrex and its generous benefits.  Phil shares about his trip, “My …

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  • Trip of a Lifetime: Marguaritha Munoz’s Family Cruise

    “My family and I just returned from a 7-day Caribbean cruise where we visited Haiti, Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico. We enjoyed relaxing on the beach and we especially liked seeing the mountains in Haiti, since that’s not a view we get back home. I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am to have an employer that allows me to do …

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  • Trip of a Lifetime: Charlie Tarlton’s Tropical Getaway

    “My wife and I and the Arthrex traveling flag just returned from a trip through the Panama Canal on a 10-night Caribbean cruise on Holland America. The highlighted spot was the Panama Canal with additional stops in the Bahamas, Aruba, Curacao and Costa Rica. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Reinhold Schmieding and Arthrex for what was definitely …

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  • Trip of a Lifetime: Diana Wydysh’s Mayan Adventure

    “My son and I just returned from an amazing trip to the Riviera Maya in Mexico, staying at the Occidental at Xcaret resort for eight days. DianaWydyshWe had the chance to tour the Chichen Itza ruins and swim in some of the sacred cenotes. We also spent a few …

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  • Trip Of A Lifetime: Tiffany Roarty’s Fall Fete

    Tiffany“On my 10-year trip in October, I flew into Boston and then traveled up to Salem, Gloucester and Rockport, Massachusetts," said Sr. Graphic Designer Tiffany Roarty. "It had been 20 years since I had experienced the fall, so I wanted to see it again. …

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  • Trip of a Lifetime: Steve Ross’ Caribbean Cruise

    Steve“My family and I went on a cruise to St. Thomas, Tortola & Bahamas to celebrate my 15-year wedding anniversary and mine and my wife’s birthdays while on the cruise. My wife’s birthday was on the first day and mine was on the second to last …

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  • #DiscoverArthrex: Pumped Up About Life in SWFL

    EP1Working out is a way of life for Elissa Power and her family, especially now that they live in sunny Southwest Florida. During the week, Elissa leads the Program Management Office in Global Information Services at Arthrex. On the weekends, she works out in her …

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  • Trip of a Lifetime: Marcus Rosado's Atlantis Adventure

    Marcus Rosado"It was an absolutely amazing 'Years of Service' trip for my wife and for me," shared CNC Crew Coordinator Marcus Rosado about his five-year Arthrex anniversary trip last month. "We had a wonderful time at Atlantis Paradise Island Royal Tower in …

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  • Trip of a Lifetime: Renee Power's Italian Excursion

    Renee Power "This is truly a trip that we will both remember forever, and we couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity. It was a quality bonding experience with my teenage son. There were places and monuments that he had studied recently in school that …

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  • John Gualdoni Discovers the Arthrex Difference

    John GualdoniWhen Knee and Hip Product Manager John Gualdoni began working as an agency representative with Supreme Orthopedics Systems in Washington, DC a decade ago, he never would have imagined where his life would lead him thanks to the opportunities that …

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  • Trip of a Lifetime: Tiffany Roarty's Scenic Adventure

    Tiffany Roarty“I went on my five-year anniversary trip while I was in my ninth year at Arthrex,” said Graphic Designer II Tiffany Roarty. “I hadn’t gone on a vacation and been away from my three dogs and two cats since 2011. It was a treat to …

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  • Trip of a Lifetime: Matt McGriff's Historical Journey

    Matt McGriff“I had the opportunity to take my family to Washington DC for a week during the 4th of July last year,” shared Matt McGriff, Senior Arthroplasty Product Manager. “My kids were able to see and experience first-hand many things they have …

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