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Arthrex, Inc.
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Evans osteotomy

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    • H plates 0 small
      • Designed to provide excellent fixation for fusions and osteotomies, these plates offer the foot and ankle surgeon a comprehensive option for procedures in the midfoot. These additions to the Low Profile Plating System come with and without wedge blocks, and in a variety of lengths to fixate lateral column lengthenings, calcaneocuboid …
    • Midfoot plating module 0 small
      • Arthrex has a wide array of midfoot plating options housed in the CFS set. The surgeon can choose from specific TMT plates, H-plates, Lapidus plates, dorsal midfoot fusion plates, medial column plates, or mesh plates. The instrumentation for these implants is straightforward and easy to use, assisting the surgeon with distraction, provisional …