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Quality Teams' Volunteer Day Helps Them Give Back, Work Together

QA Team Volunteering

When the Plant Supplier Quality and ALC Quality Specialists teams heard that the Harry Chapin Food Bank was seeing 40,000 people weekly in need of food during the pandemic, they decided to put their Arthrex Volunteer PTO benefits to good use.

The team spent the day packing food to be distributed to hungry families, but Quality Assurance Divisional Manager Ryan Hoag said it was also a great opportunity for the team to build comradery and cohesiveness.

“We wanted to help the community while building stronger relationships within the team,” he said. “It was great to see team members who typically do not interact talking and getting to know one another. The results of this have been seen back at Arthrex. We are more cohesive and moving together toward achieving our department’s and Arthrex’s goals.” 

Following the team building event, the group went out for a meal together. Special thanks to the employees who participated: Quality Specialist Associate Miladys English, Quality Specialist Elizabeth Beltran Force, Quality Specialist Erica Gonzalez, Associate Quality Specialist Paula Bass, Senior Quality Specialist Soraya Valdes, Associate Quality Specialist Alex Medina, Quality Specialist Yenilee Martinez, Quality Assurance Senior Engineer Tech Clifford Love, Quality Assurance Supplier Engineer II Patrick Lane and Engineering Supplier Quality Assurance Supervisor Deborah Varghese.  

QA Team Volunteering

“Volunteering together was an incredible experience. We laughed, made jokes and had the opportunity to interact with other community members helping as well," said Miladys. “My favorite part was seeing Deborah’s face when we sang Happy Birthday to her because she thought none of us knew [it was her birthday]. Taking her birthday to serve our community significantly impacted me. Since this activity, we are closer to each other, which is vital for our department’s success.”

Arthrex’s Volunteer PTO benefit allows all employees eight hours of paid time off to volunteer one day a year. To learn more, click here.

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