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biceps tenodesis

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    • Swivelock biceps technique 0 small
      • The forked SwiveLock Tenodesis implants are designed for all-arthroscopic proximal biceps tenodesis. The efficient system was designed to save steps and minimize the length of the procedure. The implants feature a unique PEEK forked tip that is used to steer the biceps tendon to the bottom of the bone socket without the need to externalize …
    • Tenodesis procedure 0 small
      • Biceps tenodesis involves detaching the LHB from the superior labrum in the shoulder joint and reattaching it to the humerus. This procedure is more complex than a tenotomy, but avoids the risks of biceps deformity and weakness. Tenodesis is preferable for more active patients. Using the newest surgical techniques and implants …
    • Tenodesis technique 0 small
      • The Bio-Tenodesis Screw System was designed specifically for the reattachment of soft tissue, both ligament and tendon, to bone. The Bio-Tenodesis Driver facilitates accurate graft tensioning into a bony socket in a simple “push-in” method. The interference fit provided by the Tenodesis Screw and FiberWire virtually …